This was an old firehouse in Sacramento. It was converted to an architect's office. We installed the Marvin Wood Windows.
This is a bank building in Stockton. We installed all the new Marvin Wood Windows on this side of the building.
This is the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. We did not install the new Marvin Wood Windows, but they did not work properly so we had to modify all of them.
We converted a closet to a half bath in an home in Carmichael. We had to run supply and drain plumbing and electrical to the bath. We did the tile and paint, the wood trim and set the fixtures.
This is master suite and veranda addition in Carmichael. We did the foundation, framing, siding, plumbing, electrical, wood window installation, shake roof, drywall, all the interior trim work, the paint, tile, Trex deck.
We did the custom corner cabinet, the tile, trimmed the arched doorways, installed the crown molding and the wainscot paneling in the dining room. The home is in Carmichael.
This is an oak pew style bench seat for a kitchen table in Woodland.
This is a house we built from the ground up in Sacramento. We did the foundation, framing, siding, vinyl window installation, plumbing, electrical, interior trim, tile, laminated flooring, sprinklers, lawn, and fences.  Baldwin Roofing did the roof, Pete Ozuna Concrete did the driveway, the back patio and sidewalks. The HVAC was engineered by Air Design and we installed it.
We did six of these slabs and shelters for SMUD at their gas pipeline yards. They were spread out around the Sacramento area. We formed them and poured and finished the concrete, then assembled the shelters.
This is a kitchen remodel in Carmichael. We moved some walls, made new cabinets, installed appliances, moved some switches and lights. The granite counter tops were done by Natural Stone. The hardwood floor was done by Tony Lu with Forest Hardwood Floor.
These were uniquely designed patio covers we built for a retirement community in Atwater. We built 25 of them.
This is a gourmet cupcake shop in Laguna Nigel. It had been a Charro Chicken restaraunt. We modified the kitchen, built a partition wall, the display cabinet, and the display shelving, a lot of tile. We did the  paint and wood trim, acoustic ceiling tiles, installed new lighting fixtures and moved some fire sprinklers.  
This is an apartment complex in Santa Rosa. We removed the old wood staiways and stringers and replaced them with new pressure treated stringers and concrete steps.  We painted everything to match the existing buildings. We replaced the metal hand rails. 
This is a Patio Perfections project in Lincoln. We ran gas and electrical lines from the front of the house, framed the structure, installed the gas fireplace, wired and installed the lights and fans. We installed the granite tiles around the fireplace.